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with misting system

An innovative and qualitative service with Solsafe,
the sunscreen application machine with spray system

SOLSAFE is a new concept of sun product dispenser, specific for solar protection and tanning maintenance.

SOLSAFE allows you to apply in a few moments the sun lotion by means of a spray wand that vaporizes the product and distributes the fine mist all over the body in a uniform manner, giving a pleasant feeling of freshness.

SOLSAFE is an innovative solar formulation: simple, fun, convenient and above all safe for skin protection against UVA / UVB rays. It complies with the Solar Recommendation of the European Commission.

SOLSAFE is plug & play; its operation, simple and immediate, does not require the intervention of qualified technical personnel. Additional electrical safety devices are not necessary for its operation because the machine is already provided with approved grounding, magneto-thermal switch, differential and socket.

SOLSAFE is small, easy to transport and position.

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