with misting system

SOLSAFE is the new automatic sunscreen application machine made by TOPP.

TOPP spa was founded in 1996 by the merger of creativity, technical expertise and experience in the implementation of cutting-edge solutions. Quality of materials and innovation combined with technical reliability and modern design have allowed TOPP in a few years to take an international prominent position in the field of automation. Respect for the environment, reduced material consumption, non-polluting work processes and attention for the life cycle of the product are a clear evidence of a non-speculative use of technology.

The quality of work is TOPP’s priority and it is also demonstrated by facts: 100% testing of all production and strict reliability tests are performed in the laboratory owned by the company.

The SOLSAFE machine has an essential, functional and harmonious style; it is conceived, developed and assembled in Italy in compliance with the sustainability criteria. We are sure that you will be satisfied with its performances, reliability and ease of use.
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