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water resistant
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water resistant
After Sun
SOLSAFE uses VAGHEGGI sun products*

The SOLSAFE solar cosmetic has been specially formulated and manufactured by Vagheggi, an Italian company that has been specializing in the production of safe and cutting-edge cosmetics for over 40 years. Vagheggi covers an area of 6000 square meters, including research and development laboratory, quality control, production and packaging , a large amphitheater for training . It produces more than 300 products covering any need of face and body. It exports to over 60 countries worldwide. The SOLSAFE sun product has been specifically designed to be used only with the SOLSAFE machine to give the consumer the highest effectiveness and comfort.

In fact, the cosmetic formula provides a perfect misting of the product to cover the skin evenly and it enables a quick absorption . The SOLSAFE products are made upon request in small batches to ensure maximum conservation and were formulated according to ( EC ) Regulation N°1223/2009.

The sunscreens provide adequate protection against the harmful rays of the sun thanks to the UVA and UVB filters. In particular, the UVA filter has also antioxidant properties and therefore it prevents the formation of free radicals, which cause premature skin aging. Thanks to the presence of Aloe, SOLSAFE cosmetics give the skin hydration and nourishment.

*The company guarantees that solely and exclusively original VAGHEGGI lotions are used in all SOLSAFE automatic machines. A further guarantee for the consumer: all our products are appropriately and univocally codified so that the SOLSAFE machine recognizes them before spraying. In case the origin of the product is not certain the machine automatically stops dispensing.
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