with misting system

SOLSAFE is an innovative system for applying the selected sunscreen lotion all over your body in a few moments. The lotion dosing system allows to easily apply a uniform layer throughout the body , including parts difficult to reach such as the back.

Parents on the beach tired of chasing their children who do not want to waste time to apply sunscreen, hardcore sportsmen who want their skin to be always protected quickly and effectively, men who do not want to have sticky hands because of sun cream: SOLSAFE is the right solution for them. In a few instants the spray wand atomizes a cloud of sun lotion that provides protection against UVA/UVB rays, hydration and nourishment to the skin. The after-sun lotion containing vitamin E and panthenol moisturizes and refreshes the skin after a long day in the sun; thanks to Epilobium Angustifolium and aloe it also soothes reddened skin.

SOLSAFE offers its customers a wide range of lotions for an adequate protection of the skin; no more need to carry with you different types of cream, check the bottle content and the expiry date.

SOLSAFE is a guarantee of quality and effectiveness , the delivered product maintains 100% of its quality characteristics over the time since it is contained in special airtight vacuum containers.

Benefits for the environment

By using SOLSAFE you help to reduce pollution due to plastic waste. Our SOLSAFE machine is made of partially or totally recyclable raw materials. It has been a responsible choice, while ensuring at the same time the high quality of our range of products.

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